Utah Pain Relief Institute – Your Pain Solution Center

Here at the UPRI we focus on helping patients reclaim their lives from pain.  We have something that no one else can offer. Most who are suffering from pain are required to see many different doctors, in many different clinics and/or locations, for their pain.  Here at UPRI, we have pain specialists under one roof to benefit YOU: Medical doctors who specialize in pain management, Health Quest Chiropractic, and the Trauma Awareness Treatment Center.  Our skilled and friendly staff are focused on what your needs are and how we can best serve those needs.

UPRI Treatment Options

Platelet Rich PlasmaChiropractic CarePhysical TherapyMassage TherapyTrigger Point InjectionSacroiliac Joint InjectionTransforaminal Epidural InjectionLumbar Facet InjectionLumbar Interlaminar Epidural InjectionCervical Facet InjectionCervical Interlaminar Epidural InjectionThoracic Transforaminal Epidural InjectionLumbar Selective Nerve Root BlockThoracic Facet InjectionThoracic Selective Nerve Root Block

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