Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication Management

At the Utah Pain Relief Institute we assist patients by managing their medication regiments for chronic pain symptoms. In today’s medical industry there are many new guidelines and regulations coming down for pain issues from different regulatory agencies that are causing providers to manage patient care differently and prescribe medications differently. This is quite a process, and the Utah Pain Relief Institute is one of the leading clinics in the nation for complying with these new guidelines and regulations and assisting other clinics to do the same. Many of the new guidelines and regulations that have been put in place do not allow a family or primary care doctor to prescribe medications to patients when they have been a patient for more than two months. Once a patient has been injured, or is in pain for more than two months and no relief has been found, their condition moves from being classified as “Acute” to “Chronic.” Once a patient is no longer in the “Acute” stage of their pain and it has progressed to “Chronic” the patient will need to be seen by a Pain Specialist Provider and should not be seen by their family physician or primary care provider.

This is where we come in to the picture. When you are seen by one of our providers you will be evaluated with regards to your pain symptoms. This could include the need for some imaging like an MRI, CT scans, or x-ray imaging to help the providers to further understand the extent of the injury and the potential cause of the continuing pain. Some of these procedures may have already been done by past providers and we will be able to use that imaging as long as it is recent and no new injuries have occurred since the imaging was done. Once we have this imaging, we can determine the extent of the injury and make a treatment plan to assist the patient to achieve more functionality with less pain.

Chronic pain management clinics will not be able to eliminate all of your pain, but our goal is to lessen it enough so that you will receive the best results and achieve greater physical functionality. We do this by prescribing appropriate medications that will assist in cancelling the pain signal so that you will not feel the pain. We also perform numerous therapeutic injections that will also lessen the pain you are feeling. When the pain levels are decreased, it assists the patient and gives you the ability to do physical therapy and/or Chiropractic care for physical rehabilitation to help correct the issue that is causing the pain symptoms. The ultimate goal of pain medication management is to lower the pain level enough to help the patient do proper physical rehab that will help correct the issue and then the patient can be taken off of the medication that they have been prescribed for the pain allowing them to function well enough during their day to day activities without having to take the pain medications.

Pain medications are broken down into two parts:


One is a type of medication that acts quickly and does not last very long. This medication is what is known as an instant release/immediate release medication.


The other type is a medication that acts slowly and lasts longer in the patient. This medication is what is known as a long acting/extended release medication.
Some providers will only use the first type of medication and some will use a combination of both types of medication. This will depend on what the provider feels will provide the best pain relief for the patient and create the best functionality while not harming the patient.

Opioid medication for pain management can be dangerous if it is not done carefully and overseen by a specialist that has been practicing prescribing these medications for a good duration of time. Many providers do not manage these medications well and many patients have suffered because of it. We are a medical team trained in the practice of prescribing Opioid medications for the pain management of our chronic pain patients. We are the specialists. Come let us help you achieve your best functionality because of our many years of experience helping other patients achieve theirs.



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